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vDC is infrastructure “cloud computing” service from the neoCloud services portfolio. In fact, vDC is highly available and secure environment for implementing virtual machines (servers) for any individuals, as well as any organization, regardless of its size. The main advantages of vDC are:

Highly Available Environment
The system is set at two geographically distant data centers in Republic of Macedonia and functions as a whole. In any data center all components are duplicated and protected by the latest power technology.
Easily Upgradable
In case the end user requires additional resources, the process of provisioning is done in a matter of minutes (by switching from one subscription to another).
The vDC is accessed by an encrypted communication through web portal, which is protected with Next Generation Firewalls and IPSs. Additionally, the client has the option to use dedicated software firewall and router, free of charge.
Scalability and Flexibility
If the client needs new virtual machine or additional resources to the existing virtual machines, the process of provisioning a virtual machine is done in less than 5 minutes.

There are many benefits of using the vDC “cloud computing” service, such as:

  •   Greater transparency, traceability and predictability of the ICT costs.
  •   Billing in accordance with the resources spent during the month.
  •   Highly available platform that meets the highest standards.
  •   Mobility – access from anywhere at any time.
  •   Shorter time for implementing your needs and ideas.
  •   License model that allows the use of the required software on a monthly rental.

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vDC Subscriptions

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Start Basic Advanced Premium
Processor speed Start1,8GHz Basic2,0GHz Advanced2,4GHz Premium2,8GHz
Included/maximum processors in SUBSCRIPTION Start2/6vCPU Basic4/10vCPU Advanced8/16vCPU Premium12/32vCPU
Included/maximum memory in SUBSCRIPTION Start2/6GB Basic6/16GB Advanced8/32GB Premium12/64GB
Included/maximum disk capacity in SUBSCRIPTION (SATA) Start20/200GB Basic40/500GB Advanced80/1.000GB Premium100/2.000GB*
Included/maximum disk capacity in SUBSCRIPTION (SAS R5) StartN/A BasicN/A Advanced200GB* Premium400GB*
Included/maximum disk capacity in SUBSCRIPTION (SAS R1) StartN/A BasicN/A AdvancedN/A Premium200GB*
Included/maximum internet speed (up/dl) in SUBSCRIPTION Start2/10Mbps Basic5/15Mbps Advanced10/50Mbps Premium20/100Mbps
Included/maximum public internet IP address Start1/N/A Basic1/N/A Advanced2/Available Premium2/Available
Security appliance (firewall, NAT and DHCP services) StartIncluded BasicIncluded AdvancedIncluded PremiumIncluded
Load-balancer StartN/A BasicAvailable AdvancedIncluded PremiumIncluded
IPSec VPN StartAvailable BasicAvailable AdvancedAvailable PremiumAvailable
Licensed and open source operating systems/softwares StartAvailable BasicAvailable AdvancedAvailable PremiumAvailable
Monthly SUBSCRIPTION STARTING from: Start39€ Basic95€ Advanced200€ Premium330€

All prices are for one year contract.
For a two year contract there is an approved 5% discount.
For a three year contract there is an approved 10% discount.
For an indefinite contract the prices are increased by 10%.

*Increase of the limit is allowed in specific cases only

vCPU - Virtual CPU1 vCPU1.90 ¢ / h
vRAM - Virtual RAM1 GB vRAM1.01 ¢ / h
Additional disk capacity (SATA)10GB1.12 € / monthly
Additional disk capacity (SAS R5)10GB2.57 € / monthly
Additional disk capacity (SAS R1)10GB3.87 € / monthly
Public IP address1 IP2.43 € / monthly
Internet link capacity1 Mbps (UL/DL)7.44 € / monthly
Load BalancerIf acquired 8.90 € / monthly
IPSec VPNTunnel5.66 € / monthly
Additional firewall appliance (firewall, NAT and DHCP services)If acquired20 € / monthly
Microsoft Windows Server Standard (2008, 2008 R2, 2012 R2)Virtual Machine41.91 € / monthly
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web Edition (with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2)Virtual Machine63.10 € / monthly
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2)Virtual Machine382.69 € / monthly
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition (with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2)Virtual Machine382.69 € / monthly
CentOS 6.5, Debian 7.6, Ubuntu LTS 14.04Virtual Machine0.00 € / monthly

All prices are for at least one year contract.

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What happens with my data after the subscription expires?

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