neodoc is Neocom’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Besides being an Enterprise Content Management system and Business Process Management it offers information sharing, collaboration and record management. The system is hosted in highly available and scalable environment, offering seamless user experience anywhere, from any device and at any time.

Unique Search Engine
neodoc possesses a unique and fast system for searching information by file name, content or metadata. Also, if you regularly search for a certain information, you can opt to save your search queries.
When modifying a document, a new version is created, which allows you to track content history. Also, by using the integrated workflows, your documents will never be lost.
The environment where data is stored is completely secure and protected from malwares (such as cryptolocker), unauthorized access and modifications.
Record Management
Simple and quick access to your archived information. Option for creating e-logbooks for classifying incoming and outgoing documents, according to the current legal regulations.

There are many benefits of using the neodoc DMS service, such as:

  •   Storing and organizing the company’s documentation in a single system
  •   Reducing the time required for searching
  •   Reducing the cost required for document archiving and management
  •   Using business processes (workflows) for document forwarding and monitoring
  •   Covers all the legally prescribed logbook operation while upholding all legal regulations and norms
  •   Mobility – access from anywhere at any time
  •   Greater protection of the environment


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Order neodoc service in a dedicated environment and get an unlimited users and more storage for your data.

For more information contact us directly at:
Tel:    +389 (0)2 55 11 222


Order neodoc service in a dedicated environment and get an unlimited users and more storage for your data.

For more information contact us directly at:
Tel:    +389 (0)2 55 11 222


  • Monitoring used space
  • Creating unlimited number of sites and groups
  • Scheduling calendar events
  • Discussions with other users
  • Monitoring users’ activities, filtered by type or date
  • Simple and advanced search with the ability to save search queries that are commonly used
  • Blog and Wiki functionality
  • Recycle bin (with the option to recover deleted files)
  • Permanent deletion in 7 days

Document Management
  • Logical organization of site contents in business entities and privileges
  • Private documents for each user
  • Shared documents for the whole organization
  • Drag and Drop upload directly from Windows client computers
  • Identification of document types
  • Windows Explorer-like folders and documents preview
  • Adjustable views
  • Reviewing the contents of documents without downloading or opening them
  • Editing documents
  • Managing document properties
  • Document classification according to the level of confidentiality
  • Setting up privileges for document access and manipulation
  • Using tags for easier classification and search
  • Meta-data documents for easy classification, management and search
  • Versioning of documents with an entry for each version by whom and when it is done
  • Restoring documents to an older version
  • Documents encryption
  • Sharing documents with external entities through temporary links
  • Adding comments to any document if you have the appropriate privileges

Business processes
  • Five default business processes for managing documents and tasks
  • Possibility of setting up own business processes
  • Assign tasks to individuals or groups
  • Creation of workflows for document
  • Processes with voting and threshold of success

Record Management
  • According to the Macedonian legislation for record management

  • New user
  • Invitations to join a site
  • Assigning tasks
  • New content and activities

  • Across all sites by tags, metadata, document name, document contentAcross all sites by tags, metadata, document name, document content
  • For users and sites
  • Google-like search suggestions
  • Advanced Search

What are the prerequisites for using neodoc service?
neodoc service is accessed through a web portal. The minimum prerequisites are: computer with Internet access and a web browser.
You can access the demo version of neodoc through the following link:

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