neoCloud is a cloud computing platform, for companies and individuals who want to focus on their primary business targets, while leaving the modern IT challenges to professionals.

What is neoCloud?

neoCloud is a brand from the portfolio of professional IT services from Neocom in collaboration with the Internet and telecommunications provider Neotel.

neoCloud is the first Macedonian “cloud computing” platform based on virtualization from VMware with complete automation and management solutions from the vendors VMware and HPE.

neoCloud’s goal is to provide complete IT services to their potential clients, regardless of their sizes and without investments based on monthly rental of resources and services. By using our services, we offer greater agility to clients while they can focus on their primary business targets.

About Neocom

Neocom is a leader in Macedonian IT market in terms of virtualization solutions, automation and management of business processes. In the field of “cloud computing”, Neocom is the only certified provider according the VCPP program from VMware for the territory of Macedonia. Our commitment to sophisticated IT solutions and high expertise is awarded by HPE with the the title HPE Platinum Partner.

About Neotel

Neotel Limited Liability Company is a telecommunications operator founded in 2004 with Macedonian capital by Neocom. It offers a wide range of services on the market, such as broadband Internet access, telephony, leased lines, hosting, and collocation of equipment. The company started providing services to business customers with a capacity of no more than a few megabites per second (Mbps). Today, however,  Neotel is a company that provides services to both business and residential customers through the WiMAX wireless technology and Neotel’s own optic network with a gigabyte capacity (Gbps).

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