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Protected by Veeam

Backup VDC is an addition to the Virtual Data Center (VDC) offering in the area of professional backup. With this service, the customers get a professional backup solution for the rented virtual infrastructure in neoCloud. The solution is protected by Veeam®, the most advanced backup solution for virtual environments. The main characteristics of the solution are:

Without the use of backup agents, all backups are application consistent.
Complete visibility in backup jobs and ability for self-service restore operations using a web portal. Restore operations include whole VM or file level restore.
Fast backup without any impact on the infrastructure which is backed up.
Charged on virtual systems and amount of data protected, avoiding hidden costs and difficult calculations.


Enhanced with Backup Immutability, the service gets a very important functionality that will drastically contribute to increasing the security of data stored in neoCloud. Through this functionality, backups stored in our repositories will not be altered or deleted by anyone, either accidentally or intentionally, until their set storage time has expired.

The main advantages and benefits of this service are:

  •  Duplication of backup data in two locations for greater data protection.
  •  Data security with a secure and redundant environment, vendor guarantee for data integrity and well as encryption possibility.
  •  Possibility to backup data to tape (LTO6).
  •  Daily incremental backup which is treated as a full backup.
  •  Supported applications: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL, Oracle Database.
  •  Ability to restore items (file, object, message, table, etc.)*

*Regarding granular level restore, look at the technical description tab for detailed information.


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PricelistTechnical Description

Backup VDC subscription plans

Standard Advanced
Number of virtual machines 1 1
Size of data protected (GB) 100 100
14 daily backups included included
GFS backup (4 weekly, 6 monthly and yearly backups) / included
Application level backup included included
Monthly subscription from 16 € 24 €

Additional prices for Backup VDC

Unit Monthly Price
Additional virtual machine* 1 11.9 €
Additional protected data for Standard subscription (GB) 100 6.4 €
Additional protected data for Advanced subscription (GB) 100 12.9 €
Rental of LTO6 tape (2.5TB)** 1 48.5 €
Configuration of backup policy Free of charge
Restore via portal (self-service) Free of charge
Restore by neoCloud Support Per Request 7.3 €
Application level restore Per Request 10.5 €

Prices are without VAT.

*To backup more virtual machines with capacity smaller then or equal to the chosen subscription, a sufficient number of virtual machines need to be purchased.
**For more information regarding backup to tape, look at the technical description tab for detailed information.

Due to drastic changes in backup and restore operations in the upcoming version of Veeam’s software, the technical description has not been published yet.

In the meantime, if you are interested and need detailed information please contact us:
Tel:    +389 (0)2 55 11 222


Veeam is a registered trademark of Veeam Software.

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